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Inventioneers - Android Version

Inventioneers - Android Version
by Filimundus AB

Price: free
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May contain in-app purchases

Overall Score: 65/100

version reviewed: 2.0.4


Best for: Brain teasers, Attention & concentration, Creativity, Thinking & problem solving

Please note: the score and ratings are based on the full (unlocked) version of the app!

What is it/what do you do with it: a set of creative puzzles (almost 100 puzzles divided into 7 themes like 'The Fields', 'The Nursery', 'The tropics').

Solve a puzzle (e.g. rescue a cat stuck in the tree) by creating an 'invention' using a variety of objects and 'helpers' called Inventioneers.

Optionally you can create your own levels/inventions and share them with your friends.

What we liked: the concept. Great variety of puzzles. Great variety of tools and props. The option to create and share your own 'inventions'. Quality illustrations. Humor and fun factor. Sound backgrounds and sounds.

What we didn't like: no hints (some of the puzzles are really difficult to solve).


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