How to submit your app for review:

Use our e-mail or the contact form on the contact page to submit your app.

If you have review codes - we appreciate them but please note that this will not 'positively' influence the final review of your app in any way.

We try to keep the review waiting list just under 2 weeks but sometimes, due to a high number of submissions it may take longer.

We try to make the video reviews for our YouTube channel for as many apps as possible but we cannot guarantee it for every single app we do a 'text' review for.

If for some reason you don't wish a video review for your app or you would like to have a video review removed from YouTube and Appysmarts just let us know.

Reviews of your apps at Appysmarts and our review criteria:

We try to review the apps professionally and honestly, with children, the main users of the apps, in mind. In case you find any major inaccuracies in our reviews or just simply update your app with new features - contact us and we will try to look into this review one more time.

On the other hand please do not try to dispute our views or opinions about the app, neither ask us to remove harsh but honest comments from Appysmart users.

Please read the 'how we rate apps' page for more details.

Kids Apps Publishers Directory.

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How to reach Appysmarts users with information of your apps or with special offers.

Just contact us for the info about advertising opportunities on Appysmarts.