To provide our users with the best recommendations possible we created a complex rating and ranking criteria and a special algorithm to analyze and match the data.

Below you will find some useful information on how we rate the apps and how the rankings are created.

Overall score:

The most important parameter of each app in our system is Appysmarts Overall Score.

It is calculated by a special algorithm with several main factors (see below) taken into account.

Please note that the app's Overall Score parameter may not be a constant number on Appysmarts. It can be influenced by User Recommendations which can of course change over time.

Selected factors influencing Appysmarts Overall Score are:

Editor rating

During review each app is assigned a subjective score called 'editor rating'. It covers all main aspects of an app.

The best apps are awarded the 'Editor favorite' badge, which gives them extra points.

User recommendations

Users can influence the Overall Score by clicking the Recommend (or Don't Recommend) button on the 'user recommendation' graph for each app.

Apps which have more than 80% 'recommended' votes are awarded with the 'User favorites' badge.

Interface type

Apps with an easy (kid-friendy) interface score more points. What we consider a 'kid friendly' interface:

- children can navigate around the app without (or almost without) the parent's help
- the navigation pattern is consistent or logical throughout the whole app
- the gestures used to interact with the interface don't require much effort
- the buttons, switches etc. are labeled rather than with icons or colors, not button names
- buttons are large and easy to 'hit'
- there are no distracting elements or graphics which look like 'menu-like' elements or clickable items but which cannot be activated

Inclusion of ads or ad-like buttons

Ads (especially banner ads) and ad-like buttons can negatively influence the overall score in a big way. That's why sometimes technically better apps are ranked lower - simply because they have ads (or distracting 'more apps' links) in them.

Inclusion of in-app purchases

There are two type of apps with in-app purchases.

The first type, where purchases that are not essential for the 'full experience' with the app (e.g. additional levels or sets of puzzles). The app is usable without any additional purchases.

The second type includes 'free' apps which are just teasers for the paid version. The app is not usable without additional purchases.

Our algorithm will rank the latter at a much lower position.

Other parameters Artistic Value, Length of Play and Educational value are also weighted in the Overall Score.

Rankings: how the positions of the Apps are calculated:

For the general ranking (e.g. without any filters, or simple filters like 'Artistic Value') Overall Score is the most important factor determining the app's position.

For other rankings like Age, Skill, App Type there are additional parameters which can influence the result (Recommended Age, App Type Factor, Skill Factor). Rankings will be recalculated separately for each parameter and then combined to generate the correct order for the particular ranking.

As a result users are presented with rankings which best match the particular age range, app type or skill.

This is also the reason why, when using these filters, an app with a lower Overall Score can be positioned above an app with a higher Overall Score (because it simply fits better for the particular requirements).

If you have any questions regarding our ratings feel free to contact us.