Montessori Preschool - Android Version

Montessori Preschool - Android Version

Price: free

May contain in-app purchases

Overall Score: 95/100

version reviewed: 1.1.2


Best for: Education, Attention & concentration, Early literacy, Early math, Eye-hand coordination, Thinking & problem solving

What it is and what you do with it: a comprehensive set of activities based on the Montessori method aimed at preschool and kindergarten kids.

4 subjects Math (about 26 games and activities including numbers through 10 and larger, geometry, decimal system etc), Literacy (about 15 activities including phonics, reading/writing tracing), Arts (shapes/colors/logic/puzzles) and Practical (clock, colors, logic and more) presented in a game-like environment.

Complete the activities to earn coins which can be later exchanged for virtual toys, clothing items, decorations or food.

What we liked: the concept. Excellent set of engaging educational activities based on the Montessori method (over 100 activities in total). Narration and spoken instructions. Game-like environment with tons of extra mini-games and activities. User accounts with progress tracking. New activities are added regularly.

What we didn't like: we missed some sort of overview/tutorial.


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  • 6
  • 8
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  • 13
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