DROLF - Android Version

DROLF - Android Version

Price: free

May contain ads

Overall Score: 86/100

version reviewed: 1.0.5


Best for: Brain teasers, Attention & concentration, Thinking & problem solving

What is it and what do you do with it: a 'doodle golf' puzzle game for older kids and adults (can get pretty challenging!).

Draw bumpers on the screen to bounce the ball the ball from the starting point to the hole.

Depending on the level set you will have to avoid obstacles changing ball's trajectory (magnets, fans, revolving gates) or use props (as switches) to help the ball get through.

What we liked: the concept. Excellent set of original dynamic puzzles. 81 levels divided into 9 themed sets with different obstacles. Easy operation (draw bumpers with your finger).

What we didn't like: no hints. Contains ads.


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