Build A Truck - by Duck Duck Moose - Android Version

Build A Truck - by Duck Duck Moose - Android Version

Price: free


Overall Score: 86/100

version reviewed: 1.0


Best for: Interactive play, Attention & concentration, Creativity, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction

What it is/what you do with it: build/customize your monster truck (choose a body, paint, decals,, wheels and accessories) then 'drive' it on one of the 4 tracks and collect money for future upgrades.

What we liked: the concept. Nice graphics and animations. Fun factor. Easy operation. Sounds and sound backgrounds. The rewards/truck upgrade system with coins.

What we didn't like: the educational value could be higher. The construction of the vehicle/parts used have no influence on the driving qualities. We wish there were more truck parts/accessories to choose from.


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