Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings - Android Version

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings - Android Version

Price: 2.99$


Overall Score: 93/100

version reviewed: 1.0


Best for: Interactive play, Attention & concentration, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction, Personal & social, Understanding of the world

What it is and what you do with it: a set of 4 activities for helping kids learn about various feelings (fear, frustration, disappointment, pride etc):

The Trolley Game: contains about 12 mini-games about feelings (e.g. counting along with Daniel to help him calm down).

The Drawing Easel: kids can express their feelings by creating 'feelings' pictures.

The Feelings Photo Booth: watch Daniel present a variety of feelings then take a picture of yourself.

Daniel's Sing Along: 18 animated sing-along music videos expressing different feelings.

What we liked: the concept. Good variety of engaging activities. Good educational value. Original Daniel Tiger graphics. Ease of use (intuitive navigation, spoken instructions). Sounds and sound backgrounds. No distracting elements. Parents Section with extra information and direct access to specific mini-games. Good for Daniel Tiger fans. Overall quality of the app.

What we didn't like: none.


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