App Localization in Polish Language and App Marketing Services in Poland.

Free app evaluation:

Let us have a look at your app and we will tell you if there is a chance that it could work for Polish users!

Just send us a promocode, Testflight access, unlock code for iAP (if your app is free+iAP) - anything so we can install your app and have a good look inside :)

Use this form to send us your app.

If you would like to:

Adapt/localize or customize your app or software package for the Polish market.

We can:

- prepare content packages for the Polish version of your app or software (visuals, text content, voiceovers)
- translate your help screens and support pages to Polish
- add extra metadata for your app (AppStore,Google Play Store, Youtube etc) targeted at Polish users
- translate your promo video to Polish (captions, visuals, text content, voiceovers)

Launch and promote your app in Poland.

We can:

- write a press release (or translate your existing press release) and send it out to online news outlets, magazines, portals and most influential bloggers
- launch and monitor a dedicated campaign on portals and blogs
- help you distribute promo packages (promo-codes, giveaways etc.)
- use traditional marketing channels, social media and influencers in Poland to promote your app
- use non-standard promotion channels

Have an agency/representative in Poland:

We offer:

- full agency services (creative, media buying, promotion, content marketing etc.)
- PR services
- support for your customers in Poland
- legal advice (compliance with the Polish legal system)
- school/Polish educational system compliance
- and more (we are a full-service agency)

Why would you care for the Polish market?

- Poland is the 6th largest country (by population) in the European Union
- Polish educational app and software market is still very new and has lots of potential: 1.7 million kids 3-6 years old, 2.2 million kids 7-12 years old, 7.7 million smartphones (73% of all phones), 39% people in Poland use tablets; there are over 22000 preschools/kindergartens, 12000 elementary schools
- you have already your app in Spanish/French/Russian/Chinese etc... why not add Polish as well?
- still there is not much competition (very few apps are localized)
- not many Polish children (or parents) speak foreign languages
- Polish language is very specific (it's one of the most difficult language in the world!)

Why would you want to work with us?

- 20 years of PR and marketing agency experience
- huge experience with educational apps (many projects... plus over 2000 apps reviewed and rated since 2011 on
- excellent knowledge of the Polish market (since 2004)
- we are based in Poland

If you have any questions... let's get in touch:

info(at) (please replace (at) with @)