TO-FU Oh!SUSHI - Android Version

TO-FU Oh!SUSHI - Android Version

Price: free

May contain in-app purchases

Overall Score: 82/100

version reviewed: 1.7


Best for: Interactive play, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction

What is it and what do you do with it: interactive play/pretend play app.

Create and decorate sushi and serve it to a bunch of hungry monsters.

3 scenes (Nigiri, Rolls and Gunkan sushi).

E.g. in the Nigiri scene you have to catch the fish in the aquarium, then cut it up and put it on the rice, add some wasabi and server (and observe you customers' 'reaction').

What we liked: the concept. Nice set of ingredients and toppings in the full version. Fun visuals and animations. Ease of use. Humor and fun factor. Great for pretend/role play (and for young sushi lovers).

What we didn't like: no narration or spoken instructions. Limited educational value. Only a handful ingredients in the free version.


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