Tizzy Seasons Lite for Kids - Android Version

Tizzy Seasons Lite for Kids - Android Version

Price: free

Lite or Demo version

Overall Score: 49/100

version reviewed: 1.3


Best for: Interactive play, Attention & concentration, Understanding of the world

Please note that the ratings and score are based on the full version of the Tizzy Seasons app!

What it is: 5 sets of simple play activities related to each season of the year.

What you do with it: complete the activities to obtain a star. For example: gardening in spring (make holes in the ground, plant seeds, water plants until they grow), chasing butterflies in summer (drag the boy/girl to catch a flying butterfly), raking leaves in autumn (drag the rake with the finger to put the leaves in a bag), building a snowman in winter (build and decorate the snowman by dragging the pieces on the screen).

What we liked: ease of use, easy navigation, simple graphics, number of activities.

What we didn't like: no audio instructions or visual clues (parental assistance recommended). The activities are very simple and get repetitive (every time you build the snowman it looks exactly the same, every time you grow the plants they are in the same order in the garden etc).


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