Tiny Pirates - Kids' Activity App - Android Version

Tiny Pirates - Kids' Activity App - Android Version

Price: 2.99$


Overall Score: 82/100

version reviewed: 1.1.3


Best for: Interactive play, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction

What it is/what you do with it: 2 interactive scenes (harbor and pirate ship).

Discover interactive features by tapping on characters or objects. For example you can load the pirate ship with barrels in the harbor (and see what happens when you load too many of them) or experiment with sails and anchor to change the speed of the ship in the open sea.

You can also design your own pirate crew by choosing combinations of faces, shirts, pants, boots, hats etc.

What we liked: the concept. Great detailed visuals. Good variety of interactive elements. Humor and fun factor. The option to customize your characters. Sound backgrounds and sounds. Ease of use. No distracting elements.

What we didn't like:no narration or spoken instructions. Fewer interactive features compared to previous apps from the 'Tiny' series.


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