Room on the Broom: Games - Android Version

Room on the Broom: Games - Android Version

Price: 2.99$


Overall Score: 85/100

version reviewed: 1.0


Best for: Interactive play, Attention & concentration, Eye-hand coordination, Thinking & problem solving

What is it and what do you do with it: a set of 8 mini-games based on the book 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson: create simple pictures from stars, look for hidden items, catch letters to create words while riding the broom etc.

What we liked: activities and illustrations based on the Julia Donaldson's book. Sounds and sound backgrounds. No distracting elements.

What we didn't like: some of the games are more engaging and offer more educational value than others. We missed clear instructions or tutorials (younger kids may require parental assistance with understanding some of the games).


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