Pepi Bath 2 - Android Version

Pepi Bath 2 - Android Version

Price: 2.99$


Overall Score: 95/100

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Best for: Interactive play, Eye-hand coordination, Thinking & problem solving, Understanding of the world

What is it/what do you do with it: 6 interactive role-playing scenes (at the sink, in the bath, the toilet, clothes, dressing up, the laundry). 4 characters.

Guide your chosen character through a routine (e.g. wipe their nose, wash hands, cut fingernails, brush teeth etc).

What we liked: the concept. Good set of activities reminding kids about the hygiene, taking care of clothes etc. Fun illustrations. Simple animations. Humor and fun factor. Ease of use. No distracting elements.

What we didn't like: the educational value could be higher (no narration or spoken instructions). The activities could offer more variety and engagement (they can quickly get repetitive).


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