Pango KABOOM ! cube stacking - Android Version

Pango KABOOM ! cube stacking - Android Version

Price: 1.99$


Overall Score: 87/100

version reviewed: 1.0


Best for: Interactive play, Attention & concentration, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction, Thinking & problem solving

What it is and what you do with it: cube stacking/balancing game featuring Pango characters (this time they appear as cute cuboids).

Stack the blocks and try to keep them in balance. Try combining multiple blocks to turn them into different shapes (e.g. stack 3 blocks vertically for a pillar or 3 blocks horizontally for a narrow blank).

Create towers, castles or other structures, add the Pango character cubes and try to keep everything in balance or ... tap the 'magic' blocks to see what happens with your construction).

What we liked: cool concept. Good for sense of balance and problem solving play. Two play modes (pre-designed scenes or your own constructions). Many hidden features that can be explored and discovered through play, like various combinations of blocks. The option to destroy your construction in a very spectacular fashion ;). You can take picture of your design (or disaster). Humor and fun factor. Great fun for all Pango fans!

What we didn't like: we just wish there were more colors!


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