One Fish Two Fish - Dr. Seuss

One Fish Two Fish - Dr. Seuss

Price: free

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Overall Score: 95/100

version reviewed: 1.22


Best for: Interactive books, Attention & concentration, Early literacy, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction, Language, Personal & social, Understanding of the world

What it is: an interactive adaptation of Dr Seuss's classic.

What you do with it:three ways of 'reading' this book: listen to the narrated story with the words highlighted, read as a 'traditional' book and auto play (automatic reading and turning the pages).

What we liked: the concept, professional audio narration, sound backgrounds, prompting features, picture/word associations.

What we didn't like:price, limited number of 'interactive' objects, use of phone's generic navigation options. General notes about our book reviews: although when reviewing books, we try not to review the story itself, the general impressions will be reflected in the Overall Score.

The Age Range assigned to books will be usually broader compared to other apps, as they can be useful for both younger (with parent/narrator reading) or older (reading on their own) kids.


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