Merge Blocks 3D - 2048 Puzzle - Android Version

Merge Blocks 3D - 2048 Puzzle - Android Version

Price: free

May contain ads

Overall Score: 50/100

version reviewed: 1.0


Best for: Brain teasers, Attention & concentration, Eye-hand coordination, Thinking & problem solving

What it is/what you do with it: 'merge' type puzzle game with numbers and letters.

Shoot the numbers into a bowl and watch them double up when they hit the same number (e.g. 2 and 2 will change to 4).

Since each number corresponds with a letter, each piece will change shape accordingly (A=A will become B, B+B will become C etc).

Use strategy (and perhaps power-ups) to keep the items inside the bowl (when they spill out the game is finished).

What we liked: the concept. For fans for 'merge by twos' games (it is a slightly different take than most of those games). Good variety of power ups.

What we didn't like: lots of ads. Not much educational value.


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