Impostor Sort Color Puzzle 2D - Color Version

Impostor Sort Color Puzzle 2D - Color Version

Price: free

May contain ads

Overall Score: 35/100

version reviewed: 1.0


Best for: Brain teasers, Attention & concentration, Eye-hand coordination, Thinking & problem solving

What it is/what you do with it: color sorting - logic puzzle game with Impostor Crewmate Like characters from the Among Us game.

Assemble color Impostors by rearranging pieces one at a time. Concept similar to Hanoi Tower.

Requires careful planning and logical thinking, as a false move may block the available options.

What we liked:just if you really want those characters in the game. Hints.

What we didn't like: lots of ads (can be removed via in-app purchase). Not much variety - the puzzles quickly get repetitive.


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