Hungry Alphabet - Android Version

Hungry Alphabet - Android Version

Price: free

Lite or Demo version

Overall Score: 82/100

version reviewed: 1.8


Best for: Education, Early literacy, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction

What is it and what do you do with it: animated flashcards introducing kids to the letters of the alphabet.

Choose a letter (e.g. D) then feed the D Monster all letters which spell the word 'door'. Then watch a short animation featuring the D Monster and the word 'door'.

What we liked: the concept. Fun letter monster characters. Short animations illustrating each word/letter. Spoken narration. Ease of use. Background music and sounds.

What we didn't like: uppercase (monsters) and lowercase (menu) mix up. Can get a bit repetitive after some time - we wish there was more variety in the activities.


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