Gocco Doodle - KidsPaint&Share - Android Version

Gocco Doodle - KidsPaint&Share - Android Version

Price: free


Overall Score: 84/100

version reviewed: 1.2


Best for: Crafts, Attention & concentration, Creativity, Eye-hand coordination

What it is/what you do with it: a drawing/animation app with about 40 drawing scenes + blank canvas.

Complete a scene using simple painting tools (including static and animated brush strokes). After the scene is finish you can replay the 'doodling' process as a simple animation. Created pictures can be shared with other users.

What we liked: the concept. Good number and variety of drawing scenes. Humor and fun factor. Ease of use.

What we didn't like: navigation could be more intuitive. A bit limited toolset.


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