Endless Reader - Android Version

Endless Reader - Android Version

Price: free

May contain in-app purchases

Overall Score: 93/100

version reviewed: 3.8


Best for: Education, Early literacy, Language

What is it and what do you do with it: a set of 100 interactive scenes (in the full version) for early reading practise.

Move the letters into place to spell the word. Then complete the sentence using given word and one or two additional words.

For completing the task correctly children are rewarded with a funny short animation that illustrates the given word.

What we liked: the concept. Good for early reading and spelling practice. Humor and fun factor. Sound backgrounds and sound effects. Lots of content (in the full version). Ease of use. No ads or other distracting features. Overall quality of the app.

What we didn't like: no progress tracking. full version is expensive.


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