ArtKidz: Dino Gang - Android Version

ArtKidz: Dino Gang - Android Version

Price: 0.99$

May contain in-app purchases

Overall Score: 82/100

version reviewed: 1.0.1


Best for: Interactive play, Creativity, Eye-hand coordination, Interaction

What it is and what you do with it: interactive play app for kids based on the Augmented Reality technology.

Color your favorite dinosaur in 2D or 3D, print out your design (or special marker pages that come with the app) and then, thanks to AR technology, watch 'live' animation of the dino superimposed on the image from the camera.

You can also play a simple game: help your dino collect 5 items in 'real life' settings (e.g. dino walking on your desk or on the floor).

You can also try to color your dino in real time - aim the camera at the marker page and try to color the live picture - the designs will magically appear on your live 3D model!

What we liked: the concept. Cool use of AR technology. 5 fun dinosaurs to play with (in the full version).

What we didn't like: could be more intuitive to set up (requires patience and bit of trial-and-error approach). Included mini-game is very basic (we wish there were more features).


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