Alphabet Aquarium ABC - Android Version

Alphabet Aquarium ABC - Android Version

Price: 2.99$


Overall Score: 83/100

version reviewed: 2.1.1


Best for: Education, Early literacy, Language

What is it/what do you do with it: a set of puzzle games for alphabet/letter learning. 4 various mini-games for each letter: Letter Puzzle - memorize the visual shape of a letter, Animal Puzzle - complete the animal whose name starts with a given letter, Sky Puzzle - match objects with their shadows, Beach Puzzle - match objects and letters.

What we liked: a nice set of puzzles to practice each letter. Ease of use. Spoken instructions.

What we didn't like: the educational value could be much higher (e.g. there are only lowercase letters). Play gets repetitive and there is no rewards system (kids may have problems with staying focused and completing all the letters).

Free preview: if you are not sure, please see our 'See before you buy' video (below) or try the free version of the Alphabet Aquarium School Adventure


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