Alpha Zoo - Android Version

Alpha Zoo - Android Version

Price: free


Overall Score: 88/100

version reviewed: 1.1


Best for: Education, Attention & concentration, Early literacy, Eye-hand coordination

What it is and what you do with it: a set of animated alphabet flashcards for alphabet learning/practice (lowercase and uppercase).

Trace the letter to reveal an animal whose name starts with the given letter, e.g. 'a is for anteater', 'b is for butterfly', 'c is for caterpillar'.

Each animal has a short funny rhyme about it.

3 play modes (lowercase/uppercase/both) plus letter names and phonics modes.

What we liked: the concept. Fun illustrations and animations. Cool rhyme about each animal. App covers both letter names and letter sounds. Ease of use. No ads or other distracting features.


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