5 Monkeys Play Hide and Seek - Android version

5 Monkeys Play Hide and Seek - Android version
by Oceanhouse Media

Price: 2.99$

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Overall Score: 88/100

version reviewed: 1.35


Best for: Interactive books, Attention & concentration, Early math, Interaction, Language, Personal & social

What it is: an interactive version of the book by Eileen Christelow (about 20 pages long) + a simple counting activity.

What you do with it:three ways of 'reading' this book: listen to the narrated story with the words highlighted, read as a 'traditional' book and auto play (automatic reading and turning the pages). Tap on the pictures to hear the associated words read out.

Additional activity: tap the numbers to count along (there are 3 'counting' scenes with numbers up to 10, 24 and 104).

What we liked: the story. Original artwork. Picture-word associations. Professional narration. Sounds and sound backgrounds. Good navigation and reading options (easy access to single pages, words are highlighted when read by the narrator, you can easy repeat a paragraph). The option to record and share your own narration.

What we didn't like: limited interactivity (there are only picture-word type animations).


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